About Orizon Holidays

Orizon Holidays is a tourism destination management company based in India. We envisage to combine expert travel management with a deep sense of involvement and dedication in accomplishing our prime business objectives. Orizon Holidays aims to build a strong reputation around its inbound and outbound tour business, servicing destinations within India and abroad, always upgrading service standards to meet evolving global quality standards.

Orizon holidays was founded by Mr. Sreejith and Mr. Biju Pottekad. Operations commenced in 2011 and within a short span of time, became one of the most sought-after travel companies in Kerala. It gained also widespread recognition globally and especially in European and Middle East markets.

We provide tour services that are completely customizable according to the client’s preferences, emphasizing on reliable travel at budget friendly prices. We care for you and we extend our services to airline/ surface ticketing, hotel accommodations, tours, boat rentals and any other amenity that would adorn your travel diaries with colourful memories.